Te Hauhiku

Te Hauhiku is the forum for Māori professional staff interests at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Te Hauhiku works collectively to advance and champion the implementation of the Māori Outcomes Framework—Mai i te Iho ki te Pae (MIP)—and provide a support network for Māori professional staff to encourage engagement and collaboration across the University.

Values and purpose

Whanaungatanga—to share information, encourage collaboration and build strong relationships across the Te Herenga Waka.

Rangatiratanga—to represent the interests of Māori professional staff on Toihuarewa, the Marae Committee and other relevant forums.

Manaakitanga—to provide support and advocacy on issues affecting Māori professional staff.

Whai Mātauranga—to raise awareness about capacity, building capability and professional development opportunities relating to Māori professional staff.

Mai i te Iho ki te Pae—-to advance and champion the implementation of Mai i te Iho ki te Pae (MIP), the Māori Outcomes Framework.


Te Hauhiku hui are supported and endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori). Te Hauhiku meet at least six times within the calendar year.  This may include hui held for professional development purposes or Te Herenga Waka Whānau hui.


The AGM is held annually (in the first trimester of the calendar year).

Māori professional staff, working full time at the University, are eligible to apply for either of the three executive positions which are two co-chairs and one secretary.

Executive positions are open for election or re-election at the AGM meeting.  

Where a position has become vacant mid-year, it is possible for the executive to co-opt a staff member into the vacant position.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference are available from the co-chairs. They will be reviewed annually by the Te Hauhiku co-chairs.

Officers of the executive


Cecilia profile picture

Cecilia Tuiomanufili

Maori Scholarships and Relationships Coordinator · Pouhere
PVC Maori/Iwi Studies · Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori)


Hautohu Matua (Principal Adviser)
Wellington Faculty of Education