Teaching lab bookings

Find out how to book a teaching lab for your class.

Making bookings

We invite all language courses to make bookings in VZ003 and VZ011 for teaching with multimedia content and specialised technologies.


Room Booking
Click on the image to see the steps.
  • Course coordinators and teachers should make bookings through their school administrator.
  • Room bookings for ad hoc sessions (e.g. a one off seminar in one of the teaching labs) by staff and PhD students should be made through the Web Room Booking system (WRB). Enter your Victoria University username and password, then follow the pattern to the right.

For techniques on teaching with computers and digital material requests, contact Diego Navarro:

Diego Navarro profile picture photograph

Diego Navarro

Diego Navarro

Language Technology Specialist
Language Learning Centre

Ground rules

  • Teachers and tutors are responsible for students whilst using the teaching labs
  • No food or drink should be consumed or placed near the equipment
  • Equipment should be treated with care
  • Equipment faults should be reported to LLC staff

Related Victoria University sites

Teaching and tutorial rooms on campus, but outside of the LLC, can also be booked through the Web Room Booking system (WRB).