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Be better understood by pronouncing words correctly. Find online resources to help you with your pronunciation, intonation, pitch and sentence stress.

Quick tips for pronunciation practise

  • Listen to native speaker audio, then record your own version. Compare, then try again and again.
  • Practise saying whole sentences rather than just individual words.
  • When you learn new vocabulary, make sure to learn which syllable is stressed.
  • Reading aloud is a great way to practise your pronunciation, even if you are by yourself!

You can find more resources in the Self-access Library and in the Software folder on LLC computers.

Say it Right

Practise discriminating between English sounds with minimal pair exercises. Created at Victoria University.


Ship or Sheep?

Practise your pronunciation with minimal pairs. An extended version is available as a book and audio CDs in the LLC's Self-access Library.


The Sounds of English

Created by BBC Learning English, these videos explain and illustrate aspects of English pronunciation (British English).

Beginner Intermediate

New Zild - The Story of New Zealand English

Learn about the Kiwi accent - what makes it different, and where does it come from? What is the high-rising terminal?

Intermediate NZ content