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Find tasks related to the area of grammar you want to practise, and discover tools for helping you check your writing for grammatical and stylistic errors.

Quick tips for grammar practise

  • Always study grammar in context, with lots of examples.
  • Make comparisons with your own language. In what ways does English differ?
  • Don't learn grammatical rules in isolation — instead, study lots of examples of usage and try to work out the rule for yourself

Read more grammar tips

English Page

Mini-tutorials, reference information, and self-checking multiple choice exercises covering all aspects of English grammar.

Beginner Intermediate

Oxford Living Grammar

A companion website to a course book series, but the practice exercises can be used on their own. You can check if your answers are correct.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Difficult grammar points

Monash University assists with grammar points that typically cause difficulty for ESL learners, including explanations and practice exercises.

Intermediate Advanced

Guide to Grammar and Writing

An overview from Capital Community College of grammar at word, sentence, and paragraph levels, mostly with a view to improving your writing.

Intermediate Advanced


Load your text into Grammarly and get immediate feedback on grammar problems. Though not always perfect, it will definitely help draw your attention to issues.

Marking Mate

Use Marking Mate to check your writing for language and style problems before submitting your essays and reports.