Impariamo l'italiano - Italian resources donation

A number of self-study Italian resources have just arrived at the Language Learning Centre.

Pimsleur Italian – With Pimsleur you can dispense with the written word and immediately get stuck into speaking and perfecting your accent, without an overly distracting focus on grammar and memorising a host of words you’ll not be able to use in conversation (and soon forget). This set is on 16 CDs, so if you don’t have a Discman (what’s that?!) or your laptop is too up to date, don’t worry we’ve thought of that – you can borrow one of ours. – This book allows users to practice grammar constructions ranging from A1 to C2 level, and at the same time learn using texts about Italian culture. All exercises come with answers at the back of the book.

Berlitz Italian vocabulary flashcards – This set comprises 1,000 flashcards. Each flashcard has simply the word and its translation. Good for testing yourself or a friend.

Pocket Langenscheidt dictionary – Sometimes it’s nice to use a paper dictionary and not necessarily one that will break your toe if you drop it. The good thing about a pocket dictionary like this is that for beginner to intermediate level this is all you need. If you focus on the vocabulary in a smaller dictionary like this you won’t end up learning unnecessary low-frequency words before you need to.

Lonely Planet Italian phrasebook – Obviously phrasebooks are designed for travelling, but they can be great at any stage of learning a new language to fill in the practical gaps in your knowledge. The Lonely Planet ones are also pretty good since they include up-to-date vocabulary, definitely more ‘Are you on Facebook?’ than ‘Excuse me madam, I’d like to send a telegram’.

Article by Benjamin Swale