Appointment request to access material in J.C. Beaglehole Room

The J.C. Beaglehole Room is open by appointment only

To make an appointment please either:

Conditions for use of materials in the J C Beaglehole Room

Materials held in the J C Beaglehole Room are irreplaceable, rare, or valuable. To help protect these materials we need you to observe the following:

  • Material may only be accessed in the J C Beaglehole Room.
  • Food or liquids (including water bottles) are not permitted to be used in the Reading Room.
  • Archives and manuscript material must be kept in the same order as you have received it in. If you are concerned that the order has changed please discuss this with the J C Beaglehole Room staff.
  • Handle the material with care – including keeping hands clean.
  • Only use pencils when taking notes.
  • If you are given access to a restricted collection you must observe the conditions under which access was granted.
  • If you wish to copy material (including taking photographs), you must have prior approval from J C Beaglehole Room staff.
  • If you wish to use material in a publication, you must have written approval from J C Beaglehole Room staff. If the material is in copyright, you will also need approval from the copyright owner.