Te reo interface - Te Waharoa

Much of the general translation work has been done by translators certified by Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori - the Māori Language Commission, which is currently headed by our own DVC Māori, Professor Rawinia Higgins.

And our Kairauhi Māori, Marty, has liaised with the DVC Māori's office to ensure the various localised translations are correct.  Ka rawe Marty, your help and support are very much appreciated. And ngā mihi also to Ben, who worked with Marty to update the Te Waharoa front page.

As you know, the software supporting Te Waharoa continues to develop, and new functionalities are released several times each year, so new translations will also continue to filter through over time.

There are two ways to explore this facility. You can change the display language by clicking on your account or select the language button at the top of the front page (shown in video link). Please try out the new interface and send us your feedback.