PressReader access to Stuff content

As of November 1st 2019, Stuff Ltd has placed restrictions on the ability access its content through PressReader

On November 1st 2019, Stuff Ltd placed restrictions on the ability to access its content through PressReader. This means that the following publications can only be accessed via PressReader when you are connected to the University system/WiFi. These publications are:

  • Sunday Star Times
  • Sunday News
  • Southland Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Waikato Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Dominion Post (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • The Press (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Nelson Mail (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Timaru Herald (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Manawatu Standard (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Taranaki Daily News (Weekday & Weekend Editions)
  • Marlborough Express
  • TV Guide
  • NZ House and Garden
  • NZ Gardener

We realise this is not ideal, however it is outside of the vendors' or our control.