Direct premium access to news sites

Direct subscription-access to newspapers and seachable database of newspapers and magazines

In addition to the digitized versions of the print publications, we can now provide you with direct subscription-access to the New Zealand Herald Premium, BusinessDeskThe Financial Times, and The New York Times. No paywalls and no embargos.

You probably already know about PressReader, which has been at the zenith of digital newspapers in NZ libraries, and about databases such as Factiva. These are now complimented with NewsBank which provides a vast searchable database, containing over 13,000 local and international newspapers and magazines.

Click the links above and sign up using your University email address. Note that there may be some differences in the registration instructions and that NZ Herald Premium requires an access code.

Also, note that if you have a personal subscription to the New York Times you can swap it for the library access. Contact NYT directly through your individual account and they will do the rest.