VicTeach events 2014

14 May

Flipped teaching

Topics covered in this session included:

  • What is flipped teaching? (Lachlie McLaren).
  • The truth about flipped teaching….. experiences from Victoria University of Wellington staff who have tried flipping their classrooms.
  • How to flip your classroom—what tools to use and who to talk to.
  • Webinar: Flipping without Flopping; a three-year study.

4 and 13 June

Active Teaching

Wednesday June 4: Go Soapbox

This session featured GoSoapBox, a web-based student response system (clicker tool) that can be both an active learning tool in itself or can complement other active learning strategies. This was an interactive workshop where people who have been using GoSoapBox talked about how it works, why it works, who it works for, and things you should know if you want to use it.

The Wednesday session was recorded and can be viewed at GoSoapBox VicTeach Seminar.

Friday 13 June

The session featured:

  • Lorena Gibson: 'Active learning techniques in large first-year introductory cultural anthropology classes' including use of videos, discussions and quizzes. Includes student feedback.
  • Kate Dallenbach: Using a 'live case study' with an arts marketing class.
  • Greta Snyder: Use of handouts or video clips to generate discussions in an international relations programme—what has worked and what has not.
  • Stuart Brock: Using Notable in first year Philosophy classes.
  • Gillian Turner: 'Half-flipped lectures'—an experiment in progress on how to get students doing physics during in their lectures. Includes what seemed to work and what didn’t, and what changes are planned for the next class.
  • Suzanne Boniface: 'Worksheets, quizzes and problem solving in first-year Chemistry classes'.

2 and 11 July

  • Technology: 7 x 7 format.
  • Jonny Flutey and Beth Smith.

6 and 15 August

Should lecturers be able to turn wifi off?

3 and 12 September

Action Learning: internships & placements

1 and 10 October

Culturally responsive pedagogy

5 and 14 November

Preparation for the Graduate Attributes UnConference on Thursday 20 November

20 November

Graduate Attributes UnConference