Learning and teaching technology

Students and teachers benefit from the University’s programme of upgrades and support for innovation in digital learning and teaching technology.

Digital technology is an important part of the learning, teaching and overall student experience at Victoria University of Wellington.

We're continually improving our digital environment—inside and outside the classroom—to ensure our students and teachers have the right tools and skills for the modern world.

Digital vision

We want students to experience an efficient, seamless, and professional service that helps them engage with their studies and the university community.

We aim to design programmes of study that make effective use of technology to engage, motivate and inspire students. Developing the confidence and capability of staff using technology is key to achieving this goal.

Learn anywhere

Nuku is our online learning environment and virtual campus. Nuku is driven by the Canvas learning management system, and it lets students access course content, submit assignments, collaborate with classmates, and communicate with teachers. We use it to deliver courses both on campus and online.

Technology on campus

Each of the University’s lecture theatres and teaching rooms is equipped with audiovisual equipment as well as tools for digital communication and collaboration. This gives academic staff the flexibility to create interactive, engaging presentations that meet students’ learning needs. It also helps students understand the relationship between our physical and virtual learning environments.

We have a continual programme for reviewing and upgrading these rooms, managed by the Teaching Technology team in Digital Solutions.

Study areas are also designed with technology in mind, from free secure wifi on campus to laptop-friendly individual and collaborative study spaces

Support for teachers

The Centre for Academic Development provides support and resources for academic and teaching support staff interested in developing their use of teaching technologies.

Teachers can access guides to the different learning and teaching technologies in Nuku, the University’s online learning environment, on the Digital learning site. Core tools include:

  • Ally—a tool to enhance accessibility in online courses
  • Canvas—our learning management system and the central tool in Nuku
  • Qualtrics
  • Turnitin—a tool to support assessment activities
  • VStream—a video recording, storage and streaming system.

One-to-one support sessions

The Centre offers teachers one-to-one advice as well as group workshops and support sessions. These include:

  • introduction to teaching with Nuku
  • online assessment with Nuku
  • teaching technology drop-in sessions.

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Digital learning site

The Digital learning site supports innovative digital learning and teaching technologies at the University. It gives staff a place to collaborate, generate ideas and assess the way we use different tools.

It is overseen by the Centre for Academic Development.