Readings and resources

This collection of journal articles can guide you through some topical academic development issues.

Academic development guided readings

If you're interested in academic development, this collection of readings will guide you through some topical themes. Use the questions at the end of each section to reflect and form opinions. These readings were collected by the Centre for Academic Development.

Accessing the articles

To use the links to these articles, you need to be registered with the websites where the articles are stored. Some will let you read an abstract without a registration.

The University provides staff with access to these websites. If you're logged on to the University network you can just use the links provided—you won't be asked to sign in to see the article. This should also be true of other institutions with registrations to these websites.

If you aren't registered, you can use the citations to source the article independently.

Academic identity


  1. What is academic identity?
  2. How does academic identity relate to 'professional identity'?
  3. What are your academic values?

Graduate attributes


  1. What is a graduate attribute? How many definitions can you find in these papers? What other similar terms are used?
  2. What is the place of values?
  3. Are graduate attributes automatically transferable?

Researching higher education and academic development


  1. What is a research 'finding'?
  2. Do you see teaching as a problem, a science or a moral good?
  3. Is academic development a deficit activity?
  4. Take a look at your programme's webpages. How is your work and the work of your teaching team seen by others?

Student evaluations of teaching (SETs)


  1. One underlying assumption of SETs is that what they measure relates to student learning. Is that justified?
  2. Berk (2005) suggests that student feedback is just one of 12 possible strategies for measuring the effectiveness of teachers. What are some other measures of teaching effectiveness?
  3. As a result of reading all three articles, how would you evaluate Victoria’s policy and practice regarding student feedback?
  4. How do you feed back (or feed forward) your SET results to your students?

Signature concepts


What's your 'signature concept'?