Other resources

Team Dynamics Exercises—Empathy games encourage students to develop understanding of one another, and are particularly relevant if the course involves students from a range of different backgrounds. This page outlines a number of different scenarios to use.

Summary of Literature Review (PDF 180 KB)—This summary of literature relating to group work was created by Caleb Aveling, a 2011/12 Summer Research Scholar in the Faculty of Commerce at Victoria University of Wellington.

Annotated Bibliography (PDF 315 KB)—This annotated bibliography of literature relating to group work was also created by Caleb Aveling.

Stanford 'Cross-Cultural Rhetoric' Project—This project uses information and communication technologies to develop cross-cultural contact and knowledge. Students from the USA and Sweden worked together on projects, developing digital portfolios as well as intercultural understandings.

Cross-Cultural Connections and Global Citizenship (PDF 175 KB)—This paper describes and evaluates an intervention to promote cross-cultural connections by means of digital pedagogical tools such as wikis.