Video clips

Simon Park explains Ignite Potential, a promising structured approach to motivating tutors and learners, in a video. Watch the clip.

Showcasing Excellence project—teacher-student interaction

Excellence in teaching and learning project

Primarily, our intention with these videos is to show successful student learning in action, with selected snippets from classroom interactions. These are real and unrehearsed examples of engaged classes, to show how teachers might do things differently, how teachers teach. The idea is that you can watch these brief, but revealing, exchanges, alongside or instead of reading the verbal descriptions—you can pick up so much by noting the attitude/tone of voice/movement.

Video one

In this clip, Chris Eichbaum uses topical examples to draw students' interest in his first class of 300 plus.

FCOM111 - 29 September

Presenter(s): Chris Eichbaum
Date: 10/28/2010

Video two

Here Peter Thirkell has his students share their ideas before he puts his own commentary on the topic, in a 300 level marketing class of 300 students.

MARK311 - 27 September

Presenter(s): Peter Thirkell
Date: 10/28/2010

Video three

This is a hands-on tutorial designed by Peter Metham to give students a tangible, real-life experience of the steps involved in project procurement management.