Teaching matters at Wellington School of Business and Government

“Good teaching fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages critical reflection, and allows space for creative and original thinking”—Judy Brown (‘dialogic’ teacher)

Welcome to the Teaching Matters website, where we aim to promote and stimulate good teaching practices that foster student engagement and learning.

On these pages you can access material we have created or gathered to enhance our teaching and learning.

You will find an introduction to Assurance of Learning, as well as resources to undertake assurance of learning exercises. The rubrics can be used for any assignments, whether or not they are being used for AoL.

We also provide resources that have been collected through teaching and learning projects, such as the brochure How Students Learn: A Learning and Teaching Resource (PDF 600 KB) and the Teaching Success project, exploring what makes our top teachers so effective.

We are working to provide a stimulating and inclusive ‘international’ experience in New Zealand for all our students, whether domestic or international.

There are resources designed to help group work be more successful, enjoyable and productive for both staff and students.

Additional resources on these pages include a collection of resources and websites that we have found useful and project reports.