Academic audit

Victoria University of Wellington participates in a cycle of quality assurance audits to improve student engagement, academic experience, and learning outcomes.

Cycle 6 (2017–2023)

Cycle 6 includes an Enhancement Theme in which universities collectively address an issue which is important to individual universities and of national significance.

The Cycle 6 Enhancement Theme is “Access, outcomes and opportunity for Māori students and Pasifika students”.

More information about Cycle 6 is available on the AQA website. The Cycle 6 academic audit of Victoria University of Wellington is scheduled for 2022.

If you would like any further information about the academic audit process, contact Claire Williams.

Cycle 5 Academic Audit Report (2014)

Cycle 5 (2013–2016) focused on teaching and learning and student support.

The 2014 academic audit commended Victoria University of Wellington for a large number of initiatives, particularly those focusing on Māori and Pasifika students.

Overall the University received 12 commendations from the panel covering areas such as commitment to teaching excellence, the strength of its strategic planning, engagement, and partnership with students and its focus on retention and academic frameworks.

The audit commends good practice and makes recommendations intended to assist universities in their programmes of continuous improvement. Along with the commendations, the University received seven affirmations and eight recommendations.

Download the University's Cycle 5 Academic Audit report from the Academic Quality Agency (AQA) website.

Read the University's Cycle 5 midcycle update report accepted by the AQA Board in November 2018.

Cycle 4 Academic Audit Report (2009)

The Cycle 4 academic audit at Victoria University of Wellington took place in August 2009. This audit focussed on the way internal processes support, monitor and enhance the achievement of outputs and outcomes.

Download Victoria University of Wellington’s Cycle 4 Academic Audit report from the AQA website.