Experiential learning

Learning through doing, seeing and creating things is part of the Victoria University of Wellington student experience.

Leadership and mentoring

Victoria University of Wellington offers several programmes for students who want to get leadership experience at university. Some opportunities let students support other students through academic, social or advocacy leadership roles. Others involve students getting out into the Wellington community in voluntary positions.

Work-integrated learning

Giving students the opportunity to experience real work situations is an important part of the design of each programme of study at the University.

Internship opportunities are offered as part of some qualifications. Students can also talk to Careers and Employment about finding their own internships. Practicum courses are built into several programmes, mostly at postgraduate level.

Creating things

University study isn’t all about lectures, books and exams. Opportunities for students to get practical experience in making and doing things are built into our programmes and courses.

Our University students design things, build things and learn from their mistakes and successes along the way.

Capital advantage

Being in Wellington means our University students have easy access to places of national importance such as Parliament and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

It's one thing for a law student to read a Supreme Court judgment, it’s quite another to walk down to the court and watch a case play out.