Inclusive teaching

How Victoria University of Wellington promotes the use of inclusive teaching practices that benefit our increasingly diverse community of students and staff.

Inclusive teaching is one way we help students and staff from diverse backgrounds thrive at Victoria University of Wellington.

It’s a method of teaching that lets students know they don't need to become or ‘pass for’ mainstream to succeed at university.

Inclusive teaching has also been shown to result in more genuine and open communication between staff and students, with better learning and teaching outcomes for both.

Learn to teach inclusively

The University expects academic staff to adopt inclusive teaching practices. This is part of the University’s strategy to provide a learning, teaching and student experience that is second to none—outlined in the Strategic Plan.

The Centre for Academic Development has resources and research that can give staff members strategies for being more inclusive when:

  • teaching in lectures and tutorials
  • designing assessments
  • setting group assignments or tasks
  • communicating with students
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • producing information or guidelines for students.