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Barristers (in alphabetical order by region)


Abraham, Augustus B., admitted 13 Jan 1851

Armstrong, Walter Henry, admitted 1873 (Sheehan and Dignan; Dignan and Armstrong)

Bartley, Thos, H., admitted at Auckland 17 May 1842

Brewer, Henry Clayton: admitted 1872

Brewer, C. B. arrived 1840s, was lawyer for Maketu in first Supreme Court hearing at Auckland, later Crown Prosecutor 1845

Buddle, Thomas: admitted 1868 (Whitaker and Russell; Buddle, Button and Co)

Burton, Ernest William: admitted June 1879 (Burton and Hammond)

Campbell, Hugh (Messrs Russell and Campbell)

Cooper,Theophilius: admitted 20 June 1878. (Russell, Davore and Cooper)

Curnin, John, admitted in Auckland 12 April 1858

Hesketh, Samuel: admitted 1878, (Hesketh and Richmond)

Laishley, Richard: admitted 1873 (Jackson and Russell)

Merriman, Frederick Ward, arrived in Auckland 1844 (1856-61 Provincial Land Officer, then Crown Solicitor 1861-5?)

Murphy, Michael, (Kororareka early 1840s)

Rees, William Lee, admitted at Dunedin 1866, practised in Hokitika and Auckland 1860s and 1870s

Robinson, Charles Barrington (Police magistrate?) – Russell then Akaroa

Russell, Thomas; admitted 4 November 1851 (Whitaker and Russell)

Russell, John B., admitted 1863

Thorne, William: admitted 1869

Whitaker, Frederick, admitted 31 January 1842


Bell, Francis H. D., admitted 1874 (Bell, Gully and Izard)

Brandon, Alfred de Bathe (MLC) admitted 1844 (Wellington) (b. 1809, d.1886)

Brewer, William Vincent 1840 - died 1844

Cator, Charles (1840s)

Chapman, Martin, admitted in New Zealand 1875 (Chapman and Fitzgerald)

Cheesman, Robert Suckling (1840s)

Edwards, Worley Bassett: admitted 1875 (Julius and O’Meagher; Edwards and Moorhouse)

Evans, George Samuel (Dr), arrived 1840, practised in Wellington, returned to England 1852

Hall, Henry, admitted 1881

Hart, Robert c.1840s (Treadwells) (Hart and King?)

Hanson, Richard Davies arrived in New Zealand 1840; Wellington’s first Crown Prosecutor (Treadwells)

Haselden, William Reeve, began practising 1872, (Westport and Reefton)

Holroyd, Arthur Todd (1806-1887, also Deputy Commissioner, Court of Requests. Hart and Holroyd. See theAustralia Dictionary of Biography

Izard, C. B., admitted at Auckland 18 June 1861, 1874 (Bell, Gully and Izard)

King, John (1840s?) (Hart and King)

Quick, William Henry, admitted in Sydney 1866, arrived New Zealand 1866? (Wanganui and Wellington) (Brandon and Quick)

Ross, Hugh , in February 1844, after a legal dispute, he mortally wounded a fellow lawyer, W. V. Brewer, in a duel. See theAustralia Dictionary of Biography

Wakefield, Daniel (arrived New Zealand 1842, moved to Wellington and began practising law 1843, died 1858)

Otago and Southland

Chapman, Charles Robert, admitted 1873

Cook, George, set up practice 1859 (Cook, Allan, Gibson)

Duncan, Peter, admitted 1876, Duncan and MacGregor

Downie-Stewart, William, admitted 1867 (Richmond and Gilles?)

Fraser, John Fraser McQueen, admitted 1876, (Fraser and Stilling)

Garrick, David, (arrived in New Zealand 1848 – active through to 1852 when he left Otago

Gilles, John arrived in 1852. (Gilles and Harris)

Haggitt, Bryan Cecil, began practising in New Zealand 1862, (Messrs Haggitt Bros. and Brent?)

Harris, John Hyde arrived in Dunedin in 1850 (Gilles and Harris)

Hislop, John Alexander, admitted 1877, (Smith, Anderson and Co.)

Holmes, Allan, admitted 1870

Macassay, James Livingstone, admitted 1865, (Richmond and Gilles; Turton and Macassay, Holmes and Macassay; Kettle and Macasssay)

Macdonald, Daniel Douglas, admitted 1877

Webb, Herbert, admitted 1876 (Webb and Allan) 

White, John, admitted 1875

Prendergast, James, admitted 1856 (London), arrived New Zealand 1862, became a Supreme Court Judge in the central district in 1875

Reid, Donald Jr? (1870s)

Sievwright, Basil, practising c.1869-1870s (Stout and Sievwright?)


Dampier, Christopher, arrived in New Zealand and admitted 1850

Duncan, Thomas arr. 1858 (Duncan and Williams; Duncan and Cotterill)

Cowlishaw, W. P. 1863- (Garrick and Cowlishaw)

Garrick, F. J. c.1850s - (Rowley, Holdsworth and Garrick; Garrick and Cowlishaw)

Fisher, James Bickerton, 1870 (Westport)

Gresson, Henry Barnes, solicitor 1854-7, became a Supreme Court Judge in Christchurch in 1857

Harper, George, admitted 1870

Helmore, Joseph Cornish, admitted 1861

Slater, Henry, admitted 1870, (Slater and Son)

Thomas, Richard Dunn, admitted 1871

Williams, William Henry Wynn, began practising in New Zealand 1860

Weston, Thomas Shailer, admitted 1861 (New Plymouth, Invercargill, Auckland Christchurch)


Atkinson, Arthur Samuel, admitted 1871, (Fell and Atkinson)

Travers, William Thomas Locke, active 1850s-1870s (Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington)

New Plymouth

Standish, T., admitted 1843


The Banner Image is taken from C.W. Richmond Judge's Notebooks, Vol.1-3, 1864-1873, MSS R532,
J.C. Beaglehole Room, Victoria University of Wellington