International law workshop on COVID 19 and Beyond


1.00       Mihi and round of self-introductions [video]

1.15 Māori and Pacific panel:

Claire Charters [video], Tracey Whare [video], Dylan Asafo [video], Petra Butler

Questions and answers [video]

2.05 Gender, Health, Human Rights  Panel:

Annick Masselot [video], Cassandra Mudgway [video], Caroline Foster, Susy Frankel [video]

Questions and answers [video]

3.00-3.20 break and interaction

3.20 Environmental and Law of the Sea panel:

Cathy Iorns Magallanes [video], Bjorn-Oliver Magsig [video], Nathan Cooper [video], Trevor Daya-Winterbottom [video], Karen Scott [video]

4.20       Trade and Investment panel: Michelle Zang [video], Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez [video], Jane Kelsey [video], Penny Ridings [video]

5.20       International Law and the Next Pandemic: Prospects and Challenges: Anna Hood [video], Al Gillespie [video], Sir Ken Keith [video]

Questions and answers [video]