Current courses offered for the MA in Applied Linguistics or TESOL

Use this list to help you make your choice of courses to include in your MA.


Trimester 1 2021

Trimester 2 2021

Trimester 3 2021

500-level research papers

These research papers are offered in all three trimesters, every year:

Acceptance into a LALS 58X Research course is dependent on the following factors:

1.       The candidate should not normally be in their first trimester in our postgraduate programme, unless particularly well-equipped to undertake research. (Note the following short description for LALS 580-584: “The collection, analysis and interpretation of data relating to a research question arising from other MA course work”.)

2.       The candidate should normally have an above average (B+ or above) performance in previously completed MA courses.

3.       The candidate should demonstrate an ability to identify and formulate a suitable research topic.

4.       There should be a member of the postgraduate teaching staff who is willing and available to supervise the candidate in that topic area.

5.       It is desirable for ALIN and TESOL candidates to have completed LALS 540 and/or 541 first. Note that LALS 540 is not a prerequisite for 541. Students can take the courses in either order although the recommended order is 540 first.

Adding a LALS 58X Course to your programme of study:

LALS 58X courses cannot be added to your programme of study via the web add/drop function. This is to ensure a supervisor is found before a student adds the course to their programme of study.

Interested students should either approach a potential supervisor and inform the MA Programme Director (Jonathan Newton) after the staff member agrees to supervise the research or talk to the Director and ask that he find a suitable supervisor.

After discussion with the MA Programme Director, students wishing to enrol in LALS 584 (i.e. the 90-point ‘Thesis’ course) need to apply using the Online Enrolment System. The Guidelines for enrolling in a Master’s by thesis provide information on the application process, including what you need to do before completing the online application form.

Students wishing to enrol in LALS 580-583 may do so via the Online Enrolment System but must first discuss their enrolment with the MA Programme Director.