Research on New Zealand English

Kia ora! Welcome to this website dealing with New Zealand English, one of the major varieties of English in the world.

This website is compiled by researchers looking at aspects of New Zealand English and based in or associated with the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. Use the menu on the sidebar to find information about the various research themes, bibliographies, and links to various sources and events.

Did you know ...

  • That the domains most productive of new words and usages in New Zealand English are crime, politics, and sport?
  • That approximately 6 in every 1,000 words in New Zealand English are of Māori origin?
  • That women usually lead sound change in New Zealand English?
  • That there are at least 15 synonyms in New Zealand English for wild pig?
  • That grub ground was an early term for a vegetable garden in New Zealand English?
  • That for decades New Zealand was known as Britain of the South, the Empire's dairy farm, and the Granary of the Southern Ocean?
  • That ‘yeah right’ often means quite the opposite in New Zealand English?