Refunds and Transfers

Find out how to transfer or cancel your International English Language Testing System test.

Cancellations and Refunds

To be eligible for a refund you need to notify us at least five weeks before the test date. If you notify us less than five weeks before the test, you will not receive any refund (unless you have a genuine medical reason). Please refer to the table below for the deadlines for each test.

You will also need to provide an official bank statement (including your personal details and bank account number). Our finance department require this in order to process refunds.

If you do not come to the test on your scheduled date, you will not receive any refund, unless you can provide a medical certificate to show you were unfit to sit the test on that day. You will need to submit a completed refund request within 5 working days of the test.

An administration fee of $50 will be deducted from refunds (waived for genuine medical reasons).

Transferring your test date

If you cannot sit the test on the date you applied for and want to transfer to another date, you must notify us five weeks before the date of the test you have applied for. Your new test date must be within 3 months of the original one you booked for. There will be a $50 administration fee for the transfer (waived for genuine medical reasons). We will send you a payment link via email.

If you do not notify us five weeks before the date of the first test you will have to pay the full test fee for a new test. This rule applies regardless of when you applied for the test.

Refer to the test dates information for alternative test dates.

Refund/Transfer Application Process

  1. Fill in the Request for Refund/Test Date Transfer Form.
  2. The IELTS Centre Coordinator will contact you about your request.

Deadlines for refunds and transfers

Test DateRefund and Cancellation Deadline
22 August 202017 July 2020
12 September 20207 August 2020
26 September 202021 August 2020
10 October 20204 September 2020
21 November 202016 October 2020
5 December 202030 October 2020
23 January 202118 December 2020
27 February 202122 January 2021
13 March 20215 February 2021
17 April 202112 March 2021
8 May 20212 April 2021
29 May 202123 April 2021
10 July 20214 June 2021
24 July 202118 June 2021
21 August 202116 July 2021
4 September 202130 July 2021
25 September 202120 August 2021
20 November 202115 October 2021
4 December 202129 October 2021