Sara Pivac Alexander

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Lecturer School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

BA (University of Auckland), MA (Victoria University of Wellington)

Sara is a NZSL lecturer and a member of the Deaf Studies Research Unit. She teachers “Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching New Zealand Sign Language” and NZSL courses. Sara also teaches NZSL at Victoria University of Wellington’s Continuing Education Centre.

Sara led the development of Learn NZSL, an e-learning NZSL website for beginners. This resource of national significance contains nine scaffolded learning modules supported by 660 video clips with interactive learning tasks. Sara also authored a website called TeachSign which is designed as an information and resource hub for NZSL teachers. The site includes a newly created NZSL Level One teaching curriculum and 200+ teaching materials. Sara also led the development of DEAF101 Online (renamed as NZSL101 Online), a homework site for NZSL101 students.

Sara was one of the Compilation Editors of the Online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language (2011). She was also involved with the Sociolinguistic Variation in NZSL project (2006–2008), funded by the Marsden Fund of the Royal Society of NZ.

Sara was a recipient of the 2019 Equity and Diversity Award (Graduate Women Wellington), 2018 NZSL in the Media Award, 2015 NZSL Champion Award, and 2008 NZSL Teaching Award (NZSL Awards, Deaf Aotearoa). She is currently a member of New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association.


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