Jack Richards

Jack Richards

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Event type: Seminars

18 September 2020 from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm 18 Sep 2020 4:00 pm 18 Sep 2020 5:00 pm

MYLT 101

A typology of English medium instruction

18 Sep, 4-5pm, MYLT 101 

The use of English to teach content subjects has been a growing trend in many parts of the world. It is labeled in a variety of ways, such as content-based learning, content and language integrated learning, immersion education, theme-based language teaching, and bilingual education. It will be referred to in this presentation as English Medium Instruction (EMI). The expansion of English medium instruction worldwide has resulted in many different forms of EMI as well as some confusion as to how they differ. In addition, a number of different forms of EMI may occur in the same school or institution, area, or country. In this presentation the different forms of EMI will be classified in the form of a typology. A typology provides a basis for objective and quantifiable accounts of the characteristics of EMI in different situations. The typology describes 51 features across 10 curriculum categories which were identified when comparing different forms and realizations of EMI. It highlights the many different dimensions of EMI that are involved in describing, planning or evaluating EMI.


Zoom link: https://vuw.zoom.us/j/3030341428