Thirdweb are planning to shake-up the way digital media is funded.

The team behind Thirdweb: Alistair McLeay (Co-Founder and CEO), Schalk Bower (Co-Founder and CTO), Daniel Ash (Co-Founder and VP Product), Linda Jenkinson (Co-Founder and Chair), Reid McLeay (VP Design), Nick Walton (Advisor).

Ad-blocker usage is growing fast and Facebook and Google are taking an increasing market-share of ad-revenue. These two factors are fuelling the digital media landscape’s search for a new and sustainable way to fund their journalism. Thirdweb are building the solution: a novel micropayments system that allows consumers of digital media to pay five cents per article or video. Users have a digital wallet in their browser so their current viewing behaviour is unaffected—payments are either one or zero-click. Monthly spend is capped. The result is an improved user experience, and a sustainable monetisation strategy for publishers and content creators.