Techne wants to see more New Zealanders learn how to code.

Conor Doherty-Craig (left) and Benji Pritchard (right), founders of Techne.

Conor Doherty-Craig (LLB/BSc student) and Benji Pritchard (BA graduate) are two entrepreneurs who were faced with the realisation that society is becoming more digitally dependent every day. Both have come out of lockdown believing more New Zealanders need programming skills.

The two have founded ‘Techne’—an online platform that provides a flexible toolkit for learning programming within the school curriculum. It consists of a series of short videos, walkthrough PDFs, and interactive workspaces for students to learn, create, and design code.

Conor and Benji were finalists for the TSB Good Stuff Awards and recipents of a grant from TSB which they are using to help launch their business.

Much like its Greek meaning (‘The principles or methods employed in making something or achieving an objective’), Techne will deliver its information through a small and simple structure for students and individuals across New Zealand. When pupils have graduated high school, they should be left with a better impression of how to access STEM pathways and should see STEM as less intimidating and more approachable.

Techne is currently part of an accelerator program at The Factory in Palmerston North, which provides support and resources for startups with promising potential.

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