Marzipan Design

Marzipan Design are redesigning furniture for a ‘circular economy’, where materials are kept in use and waste is designed out.

Steven Almond and the Marzipan couch.

Steven Almond established Marzipan Design in early 2019 following completion of his Master of Design.

Initially focusing on sofa design, it was found these were often difficult and expensive to repair due to common construction methods and materials, so average sofa lifespans are decreasing. As sofas are not easily recycled they ultimately go into landfill whole, wasting resources and causing pollution.

This is a ‘take-make-dispose’ approach.

As an industrial designer, Steven wanted to do better and redesigned the sofa for a ‘circular economy’. In a circular economy waste is designed out—products and materials are kept in use by circulating them in systems, and natural systems are regenerated.

Steven found consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable products and the right to repair them. Marzipan Design is redesigning the sofa to be sustainable by making it durable, repairable, adaptable, and recyclable.

Marzipan is taking part in VicLink Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2019, and is investigating production of their first sofa. Marzipan’s long-term goal is to apply this design methodology to a wider range of furniture.