Makeripples is a new Wellington-based startup offering a social platform for social organisations in the age of social change.

Logo - Make ripples.

Makeripples was born from the work done by Fishhook, a creative science communication company that came out of the 2018/19 Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

“We equip social organisations with a powerful platform to deliver meaningful content in a way that puts action at the forefront and strengthens quality communication alongside a robust set of tools to measure the impact outreach organisations have on their communities”, says Gaby Perez, Makeripples Project Lead.

“We wanted a way to bridge the gap between the amazing work done by the social organisations around us and the need to take action by the individuals that support them. We live in an era where doing nothing is just not good enough. We want to help inspire action that leads to change. We want to make ripples through a simple, powerful and impact-driven platform.”

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