Ben Stewart Photography

Ben Stewart is a photographer and videographer based in Wellington, New Zealand, specialising in creating photo and video content.

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Ben has worked with many commercial clients including UberEats, Cigna, Vodafone, Johnny Bigg and The Spinoff, and strives to create meaningful, high quality content that tells a story.

The video production side of the business has rapidly been growing, with Ben creating music videos for bands such as Raw Collective and Scorn of Creation, and video content for Play'n'learn and Mazda.

He is currently nearing the end of a marketing degree, and thus has developed an understanding of what is needed in the current day and age of internet marketing.

He also took part in the 2018/19 Victoria University Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, where he further developed his marketing and business skills, and he applies this knowledge to the projects he works on.

His other passion is music, and he is currently finishing off his Honours in Music in Jazz performance at the New Zealand School of Music.