Open Government: Getting It Right

How can New Zealand meet its open government goals? Keitha Booth takes a hard look at the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

Open Government: Getting It Right

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Event type: Public Lectures

27 September 2019 from 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm 27 Sep 2019 12:30 pm 27 Sep 2019 1:30 pm

Old Government Building Lecture Theatre 3

How can the New Zealand government be bolder as a member of the international Open Government Partnership (OGP)?

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international initiative of about 100 country members that brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans committing governments to be more inclusive, responsive and accountable to the public. New Zealand joined in 2013 and has prepared three national action plans. The OGP's Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) assesses development and implementation of country plans to foster dialogue among stakeholders and improve accountability.  Four earlier reports have been released.

Keitha Booth, New Zealand’s IRM, and a Senior Associate of the Institute of Government and Political Studies, is launching her report on the design of New Zealand's 2018-2020 Open Government Partnership National Action Plan. She will outline what New Zealand’s OGP membership has achieved over the last six years, the OGP's expectations for national action plans, how much the government has worked with the public, look at the 12 new commitments announced in December 2018 and release her recommendations to government for a bolder 2020-2022 action plan which commits to addressing long-standing open government concerns.

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