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  • Fixing our state sector

    The state sector reforms of the 80s weakened the public service's ability to get things done in exchange for letting government off the accountability hook, writes Dr Geoff Bertram. It's time to reform the reforms.

  • Welfare relationship rules are a Covid-19 disaster

    With benefit numbers surging as the lockdown puts people out of work, it's more urgent than ever to reform our antiquated welfare rules governing spousal income, argues IGPS Senior Associate Andrea Black.

  • Tax the well-off to pay for Covid-19

    The best way to stave off some of the effects of the coming economic nosedive is a temporary tax hike for those who can afford it, writes IGPS director Simon Chapple.

  • Global climate change: unlearned lessons?

    There are many lessons from the recent history of climate change negotiations, writes IGPS Senior Associate Dr Adrian Macey; few have been heeded. Operating under the shadow of Corvid-19, will this year's UN climate conference in Glasgow break any new ground?

  • Business as usual is over

    Don't hold your breath waiting for things to get back to normal, writes Colin James: Corvid-19 spells the end of the golden age of hyperglobalisation.