Paul Callister

Paul’s current research areas include climate change policy, sustainable transport, and ecological restoration.

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Paul’s current research centres on climate change policy. His main focus is on sustainable transport, including long distance bus and rail networks and options for decarbonising aviation. Through the Greater Auckland and Pure Advantage blog sites, Paul has contributed to discussions about developing a Regional Public Transport Network.

In recent years, Paul has also helped create a 2000 hectare Island Kapiti Mainland Island and has led local lizard conservation efforts.

Contact Details

+64 022-086-2405

Paul has worked in many different roles. These include economist positions at Westpac, the Rural Bank and the New Zealand Planning Council. He has been a research fellow at Cornell University, an independent researcher and freelance journalist, and deputy director of the Institute of Policy Studies at Victoria University.


Paul has published on a wide range of topics, including the measurement of ethnicity, parental leave, ‘missing men’, ‘work rich and work poor’ households. education policy, temporary migration, and assortative mating.  Many of his research publications can be accessed via ResearchGate.