Dr Marie A. Doole

Marie likes to work at the interface of different disciplines—most particularly environmental policy and its implementation.

A profile image of Marie A Doole, IGPS Senior Associate.
Marie A Doole, IGPS Senior Associate

A lifelong passion for New Zealand’s stunning natural landscapes and unique biodiversity forms the background to these professional endeavours.

Contact details

Email: marieabrown@outlook.com
Phone: +64 21 808 764

Environmental policy

Marie's work in environmental policy includes being the lead author of the landmark book on the fight to save New Zealand’s wildlife, Vanishing Nature: Facing New Zealand’s Biodiversity Crisis. She has a particular interest in innovative governance mechanisms, and a recent publication includes an analysis of the potential for biodiversity banking in New Zealand.

Sound systems at the coalface

Common to all areas of policy is the need for sound systems to implement the (sometimes aspirational) words. In 2017, Marie published a rigorous empirical analysis of the enforcement of environmental law in New Zealand, and her 2014 PhD at the University of Waikato also systematically assessed the emerging use of environmental compensation and biodiversity offsets.

The academic analysis in this and other publications is complemented by experience at the coalface of environmental protection in both local government and the NGO sector. All Marie’s publications include a blend of methodical analysis of the problem and the development of useful and workable solutions. Marie is a Senior Associate at IGPS, and a part time consultant with The Catalyst Group an environmental and strategy consulting firm.