Dr David Rea

A labour economist, David’s research interests cover many areas of social policy, especially the evidence for the impacts of interventions.

David Rea, IGPS Senior Associate
David Rea, IGPS Senior Associate

His research covers unemployment dynamics, analysis of child and youth cohorts using administrative and census data, trends in government spending and revenue, the use of decision support tools by social workers, and the impacts of the social sector trials on youth outcomes, with recent published research focused on housing interventions and social investment.

Contact details

Email: david.rea@vuw.ac.nz
Phone: +64 29 770 9000


David is a Principal Advisor at the Ministry of Social Development and teaches part-time at the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington. He has held a number of management and analytical positions within the Ministry of Social Development including Policy Manager in the Strategic Social Policy Group, General Manager Older Peoples Policy, and General Manager of the Ministry of Youth Development.