Senior Associates

IGPS associates are experienced policy researchers selected from a range of backgrounds who bring intellectual vibrancy to the Institute and public discourse.

Joey Au

Joey is an Economist and Policy Advisor with research interests in well-being and public preferences.

Dr Geoff Bertram

Geoff’s broad research areas include climate change policy, environmental economics, income and wealth distribution, and small island economies.

Andrea Black

A tax specialist, Andrea’s interest is in exploring how the concept of tax fairness works in practice and the underlying assumptions in conventional tax policy.

Keitha Booth

Keitha is a New Zealand researcher and commentator, with longstanding interests in open and digital government and information policy development and delivery.

Dr David Bromell

With a research focus on applied political theory, David draws on political philosophy to help make sense of current hard cases.

Paul Callister

Paul’s current research areas include climate change policy, sustainable transport, and ecological restoration.

Len Cook, CBE

Len’s longstanding interests are population change and public policy, public administration, official statistics and the place of science in policy.

Dr Judith Davey

Judith’s personal research focus is the ageing population and its policy implications.

Dr Marie A. Doole

Marie likes to work at the interface of different disciplines—most particularly environmental policy and its implementation.

Dr Bryce Edwards

Bryce’s main research areas are political parties, elections and Parliament, and he has an enthusiasm for public engagement, debate, and critical thinking.

Penny Ehrhardt

Penny is a legal theorist and public policy consultant interested in the intersection of law, ideology and the state.

Dr Elizabeth Eppel

Elizabeth studies policy and governance, drawing on complex adaptive systems theory to create better approaches to policy development and implementation.

Peter Fraser

Peter was born and raised in Wellington (the Hutt Valley) and joined the IPGS in September 2019.

Derek Gill

Derek is a former senior public servant, with policy interests including public financial management and public administration.

Dr Kennedy Graham

Kennedy Graham has been a diplomat, university teacher, United Nations official and a Member of Parliament. 

Colin James

An experienced political journalist, Colin has a keen interest in policy innovations and in the deeper political and social trends that underlie them.

Dr Catherine Knight

Catherine's areas of specialty are environmental history and policy.

Dr Adrian Macey

Adrian writes and lectures on climate change and other topics, and is a frequent media commentator on climate change.

Peter McKinlay

Peter takes a close interest in how local government relates to its communities, both in New Zealand and internationally.

Dr Murray Petrie

Murray’s main research interests are in public sector governance, public financial management, public sector reform, and international policy cooperation.

Geoff Rashbrooke

Geoff was a NZ Government Actuary from 1997 to 2001. His main research interest is in the financing of social security arrangements for retirement income.

Max Rashbrooke

Max has twin research interests in economic inequality and open government, and has also worked extensively as a journalist. On Twitter he's @MaxRashbrooke.

Dr David Rea

A labour economist, David’s research interests cover many areas of social policy, especially the evidence for the impacts of interventions.

Dr Bill Rosenberg

Bill’s recent research interests focus on labour, income distribution and health funding.

Conal Smith

Conal is a Wellington-based economist with interests spanning the economics of well-being, social capital and trust, and social policy more generally.

Dr Antong Victorio

Antong's policy interests include school-leaving, union wages, New Zealand trade, the country’s consumer price index, and the social costs of pollution.