Strategic Studies student profiles

Alex Dickson—Master of Strategic Studies student

Alex Dickson web“Having completed my BA at another university, I was drawn to Victoria’s Master of Strategic Studies (MSS) programme for several reasons. Firstly, the MSS is well suited to students who are passionate about multiple humanities subjects—for me they're history, philosophy, and international relations. Secondly, the MSS offered something I hadn’t encountered elsewhere—the opportunity to learn about the various tools used in statecraft, security and foreign policy planning.

“Over Summer I was able to put some of these tools into practice while working as a research intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Dovetailing my MSS research paper—which considers New Zealand’s future foreign policy choices—I was fortunate enough to attend the 45th St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, joining others in debating the future of small states.

“MSS courses are run by passionate academic staff, and are designed to provide practical skills for use in real world contexts. I have the programme to thank for the opportunities that have come my way.”