Philosophy research students

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Students are listed alphabetically under their respective programmes and degrees.

Philosophy PhD candidates

Snita Ahir-Knight

Thesis title: 'Child and Youth Mental Health and Mental Disorder'

Supervisors: Simon Keller and Nick Agar

Michael Gilchrist

Thesis title: 'A Carnapian Approach to Fictional Objects'

Supervisors: Cei Maslen and Stuart Brock

Jorge Morales-Delgado

Supervisor: Ed Mares

Elizabeth Olsen

Supervisors: Ed Mares and Max Cresswell

Eyyuphan Ozdemir

Thesis title: 'Reconsidering Epistemic Gap Arguments in terms of Acquaintance Knowledge and Phenomenal Concepts'

Supervisor: Justin Systma

Jonathan Pengelly

Thesis title: 'Protecting the Artificial Soul'

Supervisors: Nick Agar and Ramon Das

Philosophy MA students

Billie Berry

Thesis title: 'Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Personality-Psychopathology Relationship and Dimensional Classification'

Supervisor: Ed Mares and Simon Keller

Lucy Campbell

Thesis title: 'Motivations for pursuing life extension technologies'

Supervisor: Nick Agar

Sean Johnson

Thesis title: 'An evaluation of novel approaches to the causal exclusion problem'

Supervisor: Cei Maslen

Sandra Park

Supervisor: Simon Keller

Thomas Prout

Supervisor: Richard Joyce

Hannah Simpson

Thesis title: 'Epistemic injustice'

Supervisors: Justin Systma and Sondra Bacharach

Melissa Snater

Thesis title: 'Trait Correlates of Beliefs about Personal Freedom and Responsibility: Morality, Punishment, and Desert'

Supervisor: Justin Systma