History research students

See current research students within the History programme.

Students are listed alphabetically under their respective degrees.

History PhD candidates

Malcolm Davie

Thesis title: 'Trap or Treasure: An Economic History of Primary Production in Hawkes Bay, 1945-2010'

Supervisors: Jim McAloon and Steve Behrendt

Mark Dunick

Thesis title: 'Continental European Migrants to New Zealand in the 1870s'

Supervisors: Jim McAloon and Steve Behrendt

Clare Gleeson

Thesis title: 'Owner Bound Music: a study of popular sheet music selling and music making in the New Zealand home 1840-1940'

Supervisors: Charlotte Macdonald and Sydney Shep (Wai-te-ata Press)

Christianna Kay

Thesis title: 'Prerogative and Patronage: Noble Marriages in the Reigns of Elizabeth I and James VI/I, 1558-1625'

Supervisors: Valerie Wallace, Catherine Abou-Nemeh and Kate Hunter

Edward Mgaya

Thesis title: 'Evolution of Traditional Institutions and the fate of Sacred Forests in Tanzania'

Supervisors: Steve Behrendt and Wayne Linklater (Biology)

Meera Muralidharan

Thesis title: 'The Politics of Botanical Knowledge Networks and Territorial Expansionism in the context of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in Malabar'

Supervisors: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay and James Beattie (Science & Society)

Sucharita Sen

Thesis title: 'European Perception of Indian Women in Travelogues'

Supervisor: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Anton Sveding

Thesis title: 'The making of a 'forest conscious' public in New Zealand, 1920-1934'

Supervisors: Jim McAloon and James Beattie (Science & Society)

Michelle Walmsley

Thesis title: 'Not Normal: Embodied Narratives Of Physical Disability and Gender Nonconformity in Post WWII New Zealand, 1945-2000'

Supervisors: Charlotte Macdonald and Cybele Locke

History MA students

Liam Barnsdale

Thesis title: '"Men with wings": Comparing the depictions of Second World War RAF aircrew in wartime propaganda and 'RAF100' celebrations'

Supervisors: Giacomo Lichtner

Rachel Boddy

Thesis title: 'The New Female Coterie: Scandal, Sociability and Status'

Supervisor: Valerie Wallace

Fiona Cliff

Thesis title: 'The Continuing Life of the Crimean War as a Tetual Event'

Supervisor: Charlotte Macdonald

Marie Duncan

Thesis title: 'Cheers! Selling health and happiness: Advertising alcohol in New Zealand c. 1900-1945'

Supervisors: Jim McAloon and Catherine Abou-Nemeh

Elizabeth Gibbons

Thesis title: 'American Occupation and the "Hunger Years" of Post War Germany'

Supervisor: Dolores Janiewski

Kiriana Haze

Thesis title: 'Contemporary and Continued Influence of 1850-1950 Legislative and Administrative Practice on Mixed Race Māori Identity'

Supervisors: Arini Loader and Jim McAloon

Josh King

Thesis title: 'Christ, Crusaders and Wily Orientals: New Zealanders in the Middle East during the Second World War'

Supervisor: Kate Hunter

Max Nichol

Thesis title: 'An Organ of Student Opinion? Print, Protest, and the Politics of Education in Salient, 1973-1990'

Supervisor: Cybele Locke

Sian Smith

Thesis title: 'Wāhine Māori - A History of Representation in Feature Films'

Supervisors: Arini Loader and Giacomo Lichtner