Dolores Janiewski

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Associate Professor School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations


Teaching in 2020

Office Hours

TBA. You are welcome to telephone or email me.


  • BA Sarah Lawrence College
  • MA University of Oregon
  • PhD Duke University

Dolores specialises in US history, l9th & 20th Century, social or cultural history of US, US Southern history, US Western history and US Women's history.

Research areas

  • US history including recent American history
  • issues of gender, race, class and culture

Current research

  • Reds, Hunters & Hearst
  • Red Nightmares: US Media and the Long Red Scare, 1871-1955
  • Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Social Citizenship
  • Left Feminisms and the Emergence of Woman's History as a Field of Historical Scholarship
  • Private Security and Modern States: International and Comparative Perspectives

Recent publications


  • New Rights New Zealand: Myths Market and Moralities (Auckland University Press, 2005)
  • Reading Benedict Reading Mead (The John Hopkins University Press, 2004)
  • Sisterhood Denied: Race, Gender and Class in a New South Community (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1985, reprinted 1995)
  • Contributing Editor, The Early Years of the American Federation of Labor: 1887-1890, Vol. II, The Samuel Gompers Papers (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987)
  • Associate Editor, The Making of a Union Leader, 1850-1886, Vol. I, The Samuel Gompers Papers (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1986)

Recent chapters in collections and refereed articles

  • 'Through a Glass Darkly: Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, & Anti-CIO Alliances' in Rosemary Feurer and Chad E. Pearson (eds.), Organizing Against Labor: Controversies in the History of Employers (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2017), pp.129-158.
  • "'Love Even but There is not Identity': J. C. Beaglehole and the Production of National Knowledge in a Transnational Context" in Michael Hemmingsen and J.L Shaw (eds.) Meaning and Identity: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Kolkata: Punthi Pustak, 2014), pp. 63-99.
  • 'Eisenhower's Paradoxical Relationship with the "Military-Industrial Complex",' Presidential Studies Quarterly 41:4 December 2011, pp. 667-692.
  • “Yearning and Spurning: New Zealand’s Special Relationships with Britain and The United States”, John Dumbrell and Axel Schäffer (eds.), America’s ‘Special Relationships’: Foreign and Domestic Aspects of the Politics of Alliance (London: Routledge, 2009), pp. 93-114
  • “Review Essay on Civil Rights Historiography”, Australasian Journal of American Studies, 27:2, December 2008, pp. 138-44
  • “Moral Politics and Human Rights: Exploring the Opposition to Gay Rights And Children’s Rights in New Zealand, 1984-2007,” Human Rights Research Journal, Vol. 5, 2007,
  • “Immigration, Identity and Citizenship in the USA: New Research,” Review Essay, Immigrants and Minorities, 25:2, July 2007, pp. 184-93
  • “Towards a New Suburban History,” Review Essay, Social History, 33:1, February 2008, pp. 60-7
  • “Discourse, Agency and Empire: Texts and Contexts," Review Essay, Journal of Women’s History, 19:3, Autumn 2007, pp. 195-204
  • “Conquérants et dépossédés d’Amérique American Genre, état et migration de colons, 1790-1890” (translation by Philippe Rygiel) Natacha Lillo and Philippe Rygiel (eds.) Images et Représentations du genre en migration (mondes atlantiques XIXe -XXe siecles), Paris: Éditions Publibook, 2007), pp. 55-68
  • “Woven Lives, Ravelled Texts: Benedict Writing Mead/Mead Writing Benedict,” in Dolores Janiewski and Lois Banner (eds.), Reading Benedict/Reading Mead: Feminism, Race, and Imperial Visions (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004), 3-15
  • “Engendering the Invisible Empire: Imperialism, Feminism, and Women’s History in the United States,” Australian Feminist Studies, 16:35, July 2001, pp. 86-99
  • “Margaret Mead and the Ambiguities of Sexual Citizenship for Women,” in Patricia Grimshaw and Marilyn Lake (ed.), Women’s Rights and Human Rights: International Historical Perspectives (London: MacMillan, 2001), pp. 105-20
  • "'Confusion of Mind:' Colonialist and Post-Colonialist Discourses about Frontier Encounters", Journal of American Studies, Vol. 32, 1998, pp. 81-102
  • "Gendered Colonialism: The 'Woman Question' in a Settler Society," in Ruth Pierson and Nupur Chaudhuri (eds.), Nation, Empire, Colony: Historicizing Gender and Race (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998)
  • "The Reign of Passion: White Supremacy and the Clash between Passionate and Progressive Emotional Styles in the New South," in Peter Stearns and Jan Lewis (eds.), An Emotional History of the United States (New York: New York University Press, 1998), pp. 126-54
  • "Southern Honor, Southern Dishonor: Managerial Ideology and the Creation of Gendered Labor in a Racially Divided Society," reprinted in Joan Scott (ed.), Feminism and History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. 293-316
  • "Gendering, Racializing and Classifying Settler Colonization in the United States, 1590-1990,"in Nira Yuval-Davis and Daiva Stasiuilis (eds.), Unsettling Settler Society: Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Class in Settler Societies (London: Sage, l995), pp. 134-60
  • "Giving Women a Future: Alice Fletcher and the Indian Reform Movement", in Nancy Hewitt and Suzanne Lebsock (eds.), Visible Women: New Essays on American Activism (Urbana, Ill: University of Illinois Press: 1993), pp. 325-44
  • "Learning to Live Like White Folks: Gender, Ethnicity & the State in the Inland Northwest", Dorothy Helly and Susan Reverby (eds.), Connected Domains: Beyond the Public/Private Dichotomy in Women's History (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell U. Press: 1992), pp. 167-80


Teaching in 2020