Strategic Studies overview

Learn how you'll benefit from studying the Master of Strategic Studies or Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies.

Victoria University of Wellington’s postgraduate programme in Strategic Studies is designed to offer students a deep understanding of today’s leading strategic issues in their global, regional and New Zealand contexts. It is therefore suitable for individuals who are seeking to gain and build policy, analytical and research careers in many fields.

We offer two qualifications: The Master of Strategic Studies, and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies. These are based around a series of 30-point courses taught in two main face-to-face forms of delivery: some courses are taught on a weekly basis in the evening and others are taught over a single week (with assignments due later in the given trimester).

Why study Strategic Studies at our University?

Our postgraduate qualifications in Strategic Studies encourage students to think about the big intellectual and policy questions related to the use of force and to issues of national, regional and international security. To help with the intellectual side of those questions, students can take advantage of the placement of Strategic Studies within the the Political Science and International Relations programme. To help with the policy side of those questions, students can take advantage of our location in the nation’s capital city and our good relationships with the Wellington national security community. Our student body itself comprises recent graduates from a range of degree programs as well as more experienced graduates who have spent time in relevant public sector positions.

Our internationally qualified Strategic Studies staff are actively engaged in research, teaching and public dialogue on strategic and security issues which takes place through the Centre for Strategic Studies.


The Centre for Strategic Studies hosts and organises public seminars and lectures to which students are encouraged to attend. We often host leading speakers from overseas including the annual lecture by the Kippenberger Visiting Professor in Strategic Studies.

PhD students being supervised by strategic studies staff attend Research Seminars run by the Political Science and International Relations programme.