Parliamentary internship programme prize winners

Three prizewinners from the Parliamentary Internship programme received their prizes from the Rt Hon David Carter at Parliament earlier this month.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon David Carter, presented prizes to three interns from POLS 428: Directed Individual Study: Parliamentary Internship earlier this month.

Salote Talagi, the programme's first parliamentary intern from Niue, was awarded the Speaker's Prize.Salote produced a video, involving Members of Parliament, prepared specifically for Niue Language Week.

Samantha Lassen and Caleb Dawson-Swale were also recognised for the quality of essays they had written on Parliament. The New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust, an organisation based in Parliament working to promote improved community understanding of parliamentary processes and the role of Members of Parliament, provided these prizes.

POLS 428 has run for 17 consecutive years. Students enrolled in the course work part-time at Parliament where they are attached to an MP's office, providing assistance with a variety of tasks including speech-writing, policy analysis, research and correspondence with constituents.

Since 2012, following completion of the course, two students have been selected for two-month internships at the US Congress.

Salote Talagi with the Rt Hon David Carter receiving the Speaker's PrizeSamantha Lassen with the Rt Hon David CarternCaleb Dawson-Swale and the Rt Hon David Carter