'Rohingya Crisis: Is Human Rights Advocacy Working?'

A Political Science and International Relations Programme research seminar.

'Rohingya Crisis: Is Human Rights Advocacy Working?'

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31 October 2018 from 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm 31 Oct 2018 1:00 pm 31 Oct 2018 2:00 pm

Murphy Building (MY) 617

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Speaker: Dr James Gomez


In spite of the United Nations (UN) Fact Finding Commission’s indictment on 28 August 2018, recommending Myanmar’s military officials “be investigated and prosecuted” for “genocidal intent” and crimes against humanity against the Rohingya and other minority groups in Myanmar, the pursuit of justice for the victims and accountability for crimes perpetrated continues to be hard to achieve. At the regional level, ASEAN continues to provide Myanmar protective cover through the bloc’s non-interference policy while China, India and Japan prioritise wooing Myanmar for their strategic interests.  “Constructive engagement” and behind the scene conversations with Myanmar has to date proven ineffective in either preventing human rights violations and providing security and justice for Rohingyas and other minorities in the country. In this context, what has been the role and effectiveness of human rights groups in advocating for Rohingya justice via the international community, the UN and other international mechanisms? What impact are civil society groups having in advocating for human rights issues in general in Asia? Is there a need for a new approach?

Speaker bio

Dr. James Gomez is Chair, Board of Directors of Asia Centre a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create human rights impact in the region. He provides strategic oversight for the development and regionalization of the Centre. Dr. Gomez currently oversees its operations in both Thailand and Malaysia and is leading the partnerships for the Centre’s many activities in other parts of the region. He represents the Centre in media and public speaking engagements and builds relationships with key stakeholders around the world. Dr. Gomez brings to Asia Centre over 25 years of international and regional experience in leadership roles at universities, think-tanks, inter-governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations. He is the convener of Asia Centre’s upcoming international conference on Fake News and Elections in Asia, 10-12 July, Bangkok, Thailand. For more information about the conference email: contact@asiacentre.org

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