Summer Scholars Scheme

Over the summer the Faculty provides several scholarships to students, providing a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in research.

Students will be selected on the basis of academic merit, expertise in the research area and recommendations from staff associated with the project.

For general information, terms and conditions and to check your eligibility, see Summer Research Scholarships.

Projects for 2019/2020

705 Primary Health Care in New Zealand: usage and access (Internal)

We are looking for a student with an interest in quantitative (statistical) analyses, ideally with an interest in health equity and/or Māori or Pacific health, to contribute to an ongoing project on primary care access and use in NZ. There are a number of possible research questions, e.g. who pays high fees to see a GP, what barriers do children face in seeing a GP, what are the health needs of people who cannot afford to fill a prescription, are older people more likely to see a nurse than a GP? We would help you choose one of these, depending on the skills that you have, and those you want to develop, along with any specific interest that you might have. You will review relevant literature, learn how to analyse and interpret data, and write / contribute to writing a research report. You could also contribute to an ongoing set of fact sheets on access to primary care that are aimed at policy makers.


703 Evaluating micro-weather measurement and air pollution sensors for use in a Learning Health System for Asthma (Internal)

New Zealand has a high prevalence of asthma (one of the highest in the world) and some of the poorest health outcomes from asthma. Tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds and ambient air pollutants including pollen have all been shown to be associated with asthma attacks. Predicting individuals likely to have an asthma attack who require pre-emptive intervention (e.g. trigger avoidance or clinical management) can be addressed through the analysis of health and wellbeing data linked to data sources such as meteorological, pollution and pollen forecasts. Increased resolution of pollution and pollen monitoring can be achieved through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies e.g. direct personal exposure measurement via micro-weather measurement and air pollution sensors (which can be tracked using mobile phone technology). The student will set-up, test and evaluate a sensor as a proof of concept. Results will be published in an international scientific journals, and presented to Wellington City Council and EPA NZ.


704 Narratives of change: what the transcripts of the Wai2575 hearing reveal about the experience of health sector change for Māori (Internal)

We are looking for a Summer Research Scholar to work with us to explore narratives of change for Māori in primary care, using evidence and witness testimony presented to the Waitangi Tribunal. The aim is to produce a report that will inform a primary care research programme and provide vignettes and video clips to be used in teaching Māori health.


700 Variations in the management of Bronchiectasis in HVDHB (External)

Bronchiectasis is a health condition where the airways are damaged and can lead to serious health problems. The prevalence of bronchiectasis in New Zealand (NZ) is high, yet this remains a poorly recognised health condition and therefore management may not be optimised. This audit of clinical practice aims to increase awareness of bronchiectasis, to assess if current standards are being meet and encourage improved diagnosis and management. The student scholar will: complete a literature search for current standards of clinical practice for bronchiectasis; refine the quality measures for use in an audit of clinical practice; complete data collection for the audit of clinical practice; analyse the data gathered from this audit of practice


702 Community perspectives regarding home-based palliative care (External)

This project examines the community’s perspectives of the needs of terminally ill people who are being cared for at home by themselves and their family/whanau and personal supports. The student will help organise and run public forums that will be held to hear about the community’s experiences and needs. The student will be based at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Practice, Wellington Hospital and will work in association with the Capital and Coast District Health Board Integrative Palliative Care project team. We are looking for a student who is confident in engaging with a diverse group of people on a sensitive topic, who can help with promoting the forums, and who can describe and synthesise the community narratives that will be generated.


706 Governance characteristics of Primary Health Organisations (Internal)

We are looking for a Summer Research Scholar to provide support to a large health services research programme investigating the way primary health care is changing for New Zealanders. You will be supported to become familiar with NVivo – a tool used to manage and analyse different forms of qualitative data – in order to produce a report outlining key features of how primary care is governed in New Zealand.


707 Navigating first-time parenthood in an information-rich world: Developing and evidence-based decision-making map (Internal)

Pregnancy is a time of complexity, change, and often fear of the unknown for women. In an information-rich world, we arguably have more information than ever, yet many women are overwhelmed or do not manage to find out about the choices, opportunities and support available to them. This project aims to develop an infographic presented as a time-based pathway in the perinatal period (from conception until 1 year postpartum); in which women are supported to be fully informed of their options in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. The Summer Scholar will review the literature on the decision-making points mothers have to navigate during this period, which will be developed into an evidence-based decision-making map. The student will ideally have an interest in maternal and infant health, as well as be confident in using databases and critiquing literature.


708 Content analysis of 'Delirium' in nursing texts (Internal)

Delirium is a serious acute disorder of attention and cognition in people (both young and old) with often serious and long-lasting consequences. Nursing textbooks have a variety of content about this condition, which more often than not is inconsistent. The aim of the project is to analyse the extent and accuracy of information about delirium in nursing texts. A further aim of the project is to build a picture of how evidence-based the nursing texts are.  To achieve this we are looking for a Summer Research Student to work with our team and Librarian to review text content and then undertake a more formal analysis. We also would like to draft up a paper that reports findings, with the aim of creating advice to nurse clinicians and educators to contribute to more timely clinical care.


709 Free-lance creative wellbeing (Internal)

A student with a strong foundation in health studies but also in the creative industries is sought to complete a literature review about the health and wellbeing of free-lance creative workers, and to contribute towards the development of a health model for this group.