Petra Stolz Baskett

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PhD King's College London - UK
MA (Nursing) Massey University Wellington
PGCert Management (Applied Management) SIT Invercargill
PGCert Psychosocial Health Promotion Lindenhof Bern Switzerland
GradDipDes (Textile Design) Massy University Wellington
Registered Nurse New Zealand & Switzerland


HLTH550 Transition to Professional Practice


I am presently a senior teaching fellow in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Practice, a practicing senior nurse at Nelson hospital and adjunct lecturer at the Zuerich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, the country I was born in.

My nursing career over the past three decades has seen me working in advanced practice roles, in tertiary education and research. Some of my area of interest and expertise are within the field of geriatric oncology, supportive/palliative care and development/implementation/evaluation of advanced nursing practice.


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