Dr Brian Robinson

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Senior Lecturer School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice


Teaching in 2020


  • PhD: Otago University
  • MSc: Victoria University of Wellington


Brian studied physiology and has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the clinical pathophysiology of the autonomic nervous system. He became involved in anaesthesia research through investigations of the clinical pharmacology of anaesthetic agents and also as an anaesthesia safety research fellow. In 1997 he established the first patient simulation facility in the Southern Hemisphere at Wellington Hospital which he led for 15 years facilitating teaching and research around crisis management, team performance and communication in clinical emergencies, clinical skills education and medical equipment design and usability. He has also been involved in teaching open communication (open disclosure).


  • Founding member and past Chair of the New Zealand Association for Simulation in Healthcare.
  • Member, National Clinical Simulations and Skills Training Reference Group, Health Workforce New Zealand

Research interests

Brian’s research interests include the use of patient simulators and task trainers in clinical skills education, using patient simulation to assess patient safety and human factors strategies in healthcare. He is also interested in the design, safety and ergonomics of biomedical devices and the of simulation to introduce new technologies to health professionals.


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Teaching in 2020