Summer Scholars Projects

There are a number of summer research scholarships projects available.

Round 2 projects

Te Kawa a Māui

Ngā Pēpehā me te Ahupūngao: Natural Laws in Whakatauki

This project will survey and highlight Māori oral literature (particularly whakatauki) that codifies natural laws of physics. It will further consider how these whakatauki shape contemporary social and environmental discourse and practice.

Supervisor: Associate Professor Ocean Mercier

Scholarship code: 329

Stout Research Centre

Collection inventory and movement preparation

Planning is underway for The Dowse collection to be relocated in order for a full refurbishment of the collection store to take place. An inventory of the collection has begun and the information gained in this process will inform planning for the rehousing and temporary relocation of artworks. The physical rehousing of many artworks also needs to happen prior to the move.

This project will involve the continuation of the collection inventory using Vernon CMS software, physical handling and rehousing of objects and, making plans for further rehousing work in preparation for the temporary relocation and new storage systems.

Ideally, the student will have knowledge of collection management practices and a particular interest in this area would be welcome. Any experience with Vernon or other collection management systems as well as practical experience in the handling of objects is desirable.

Supervisor: Professor Conal McCarthy

Scholarship code: 330