Induction for new students

Learn about the mandatory induction programmes for Doctoral students at Victoria University of Wellington.

Doctoral induction

All doctoral students at Victoria University of Wellington must attend the Induction programme.

Doctoral study is unlike anything else you have embarked on before. In our Induction, you will be introduced to the key elements of doctoral study. You will find out about the challenges and rewards, and pick up useful tips and strategies.

Our progamme is delivered online in a series of workshops over the course of a week. The programme includes ‘core’ sessions, which are compulsory, and a series of additional workshops, which are voluntary.

PhD students are encouraged to attend an Induction session within the first 6 months of your doctoral candidature. Please note that you must be enrolled in your PhD at the time you attend Induction. For those enrolling in a professional doctorate (DMA, EdD, DHlth, DMid and DNurs) it is advisable that you attend Induction after you have competed your coursework and are starting Part 2 of your doctorate.

International doctoral students must also attend the separate orientation programme provided by Wellington University International. International students need to register separately for both the Doctoral Induction and the International Induction.

Induction sessions

We will offer three induction programmes in 2021. Registration for each will open with the previous registration closes.