2014 News

  • Living within our limits

    Evaluating whether Wellingtonians are living within the resource limits of their region is the focus of new research by a Victoria University of Wellington graduate.

  • The psychology of conspiracy theories

    What makes a person more likely to believe in or create conspiracy theories—and whether that is related to mental illness—is the subject of new research from Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Justice inconsistent across New Zealand

    The severity of sentences imposed in New Zealand’s District Courts can differ dramatically between regions, PhD research from a Victoria University of Wellington graduating student reveals.

  • Earth science draws UK siblings to Victoria

    The sister of a sibling duo from the United Kingdom will be back in Wellington to graduate with a PhD in Geology this week, reuniting with her brother who also studies earth sciences at Victoria University.

  • Fans expect personal relationship with musicians

    Music fans want to feel a personal connection with musicians on social networking sites rather than communicate with other fans, PhD research from Victoria University of Wellington has found.

  • Heart attack treatments ineffective for some

    Victoria University of Wellington research has identified reasons why a significant portion of heart attack patients do not respond to commonly used treatments.

  • Rising kiwi numbers may mask inbreeding depression

    A boom in the number of little spotted kiwi appears to be a conservation success story, but new research by a Victoria University of Wellington graduand shows that, in some populations, the rapid growth could be masking the potentially devastating impact of inbreeding.