May 2019 doctoral Dean's list announced

The Dean's list is a formal record and public acknowledgement of those doctoral graduates whose theses have been judged by their examiners to be of exceptional quality and whose work makes an outstanding contribution to their field of research. We congratulate the following graduates on their inclusion in the Dean's list, announced in May 2019:

Georgia Grant

Doctor of Philosophy in Geology

Under the current warming climate, sea level rise poses a significant challenge to New Zealand’s coastal communities, cities, and infrastructure. Georgia Grant’s research includes an approach to reconstructing sea level using shallow marine sediments and delivers a continuous sea level record from a warmer-than-present climate three million years ago—the most recent time atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration was similar to today at approximately 400 parts per million. Georgia’s research demonstrates a higher magnitude of Antarctic ice sheet contribution to global sea level than previously thought, and will be used to constrain ice sheet models that will predict Antarctic ice sheet response to warmer climates.

Supervised by Professor Tim Naish and Dr Gavin Dunbar

Kelle Howson

Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

Ethical certifications are now an important factor influencing consumer choice, but can consumers be sure that ethical labels guarantee ethical production? Kelle Howson's research examines this question through a study of value networks in the South African wine industry. Kelle's research demonstrates that the rise of ethical labelling for South African wine has succeeded in helping producers access overseas markets, while doing little to transform the unethical power relations and profit flows that underpin the industry. Among broader efforts to understand ethical certification and how it is influencing global capitalism, her research reveals the limitations of certification as a methodology for a fairer economy.

Supervised by Professor Warwick Murray and Professor John Overton

Laetitia Roach

Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics

Supervised by Professor James Renwick and Dr Sam Dean